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The Royal Marine

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    (01) 2300030

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    €35 for 2 €54.50 for 2 + Prosecco

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2 options: "Classic" and "Royal"

While it does not have the ambiance of a city center location or a picturesque rural one, the location is however ideally accessible for anyone in the Dun'Laighaire area.

The entrance foyer is very impressive, apart from the buzzing of the chandeliers which we got used to after a while. The service was very good and the staff pleasant and attentive.

A lot of effort had been put into the food presentation and it showed, the standard was definitely above that of comparable local establishments.

We chose the "Classic" selection of Pastries and Scones. (The "Royal" is the same but with Prosecco) The scones were suitably warm if a bit crumbly, making polite eating a tad difficult. The pastries were beautifully presented with a great selection from fruit to chocolate but, we felt, didn't taste as good as they looked.

The sandwiches, again well presented, were nothing exceptional; the roast beef a little dry, the egg mayonnaise a little over egged and the salmon was basic but nice.

We had no complaints about the coffees and teas which were accompanied by a little coffee biscuit.

The lemon tea was extremely tasty and this is coming from a person who does not drink tea!

Overall, a pleasant experience if a little on the expensive side for what you get.

Note: Car Park is cramped for space, although parking is free if you eat here. Parking is a challenge even for a medium sized car. Leave the Hummer at home.



The Royal Marine Hotel is regarded as one of the finest 4 star Hotels in Dublin and has hosted many Heads of State, Kings, Queens and celebrities including old blues eyes Frank Sinatra, Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin, to name a few.

The British Queen Victoria visited Ireland via Dun Laoghaire and enjoyed a 16 course breakfast in the hotel shortly after arriving. The Irish freedom fighter Michael Collins is believed to have hidden out in Room 210 with his partner Kitty Kiernan. (words taken from website www.royalmarine.ie)

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