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Royal Hotel Bray

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    (01) 286 2935

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    €15pp / €21pp with Prosecco

    2pm - 5pm

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Our Review

Scones:              2star

Sandwiches:    2star

Pastries:            0.5

The Royal Hotel Bray is situated right in the town centre, on the main street, very close to the hustle and bustle.  Bray boasts lovely sea views but unfortunately they are not visible from here,

For the Afternoon Tea we were seated right beside the reception desk; not the ideal location for an intimate chat or a nice, relaxing ambiance. We were situated right beside an open warm fire but again, unfortunately, the main door wasn't too far away and so our coats never came off.

We were offered Teas and coffees straight away; the staff were very helpful, and the food arrived quite quickly. We started with the sandwiches which included egg mayonnaise, ham and cheese and lettuce and tomato. These were fine, but basic; nothing special about them.

Next, onto the scones which were warm and tasted very good.  They came with whipped cream, jams and marmalade, along with chocolate muffins. The muffins were very nice but rather large, so hard to finish,

Finally onto the desserts;  the chocolate mousse tart was very tasty, but the sponge was unfortunately still frozen in the centre and the apple tart was ordinary. Clearly, all the desserts were not homemade which, in itself, isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the cake still being frozen was very disappointing. The overall presentation and portion sizes had been given insufficient thought and the food appeared as if just thrown onto the plates.

The Royal Hotel Bray could easily have done better, put a bit more effort into their presentation, and been a bit more adventurous with their sandwiches. On the plus side, the staff were really fantastic, friendly and attentive. We are giving it 1.5/5 stars, but will visit again to see if it has improved.


The Royal Hotel Bray is located in the heart of Bray town, Just off the M50 on the M11 Wicklow/Wexford bypass. The Royal Hotel Bray, Co Wicklow is located 21km from Dublin City Centre and 45km from Dublin International Airport.

The hotel is surrounded by wonderful mountain walks, historic houses, gardens and famous golf courses. Co Wicklow is filled with breathtaking scenery, from the seafront to the mountains.(words taken from website www.royalhotel.ie)

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